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US WWII, Magnificent USAAF, B-29 Trench Art Desk Model, 58th Wing, 20th Air Force

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $250.00
Item #43223

Original era manufacture. This amazing example of trench art was purchased by me at the first Great Western Show held at the Pomona Fairgrounds in May of 1980. Not that the fact of my purchase really matters much, but I have certainly enjoyed owning this great looking piece of art for many years. Now its time for someone else's turn.

It is quite large, measuring nearly a foot in height, with a 13 inch wingspan to the B-29. The bottom portion of the base is professionally engraved with the following; HAWAII, JAPAN, TINIAN, ENIWETOK, KAWAJALEIN, GUAM, SAIPAN, IWO JIMA, 58th WING, 20th AIR FORCE. 

The bottom of the base is a 90 mm, 1942 dated shell casing, with three black rubber supports, the next two casings are Japanese, with a full length .50 caliber casing and projectile forming the support stem for the B-29. The airplane itself is made from modified shell casings, including .50 caliber and a .45 pistol casing and projectile for the tail. The remainder of the aircraft is made from shell brass.

The overall finish is of a glossy brass with a nice patina to the surface. The nose of the .50 caliber support projectile is threaded, so the B-29 can be easily removed for shipping purposes.

Whoever made this piece, certainly had an eye for composition, the aircraft appears to be in flight, slightly canted to the left, right wing up, and nose down as if coming in for a landing.

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