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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!

Our goal is to provide fellow collectors and historians with quality military collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

With 40 years of experience in the field, we can provide the serious hobbyist or novice collector with items seldom offered elsewhere. Our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and our liberal 5-day inspection time, assures our customer that they can buy with confidence from Stewarts'.

A brief guide to navigating our site, if you are interested in a particular nationality to view, simply click on the appropriate national icon on the left side of the screen this will pull all of that nationalities items onto one page for you to view. Or use our Search Box for a specific item. A new feature located at the top is the SITE NEWS section. Just click on that for the full story.

We invite you to visit our online catalog and ask you to please bookmark this site as our inventory is constantly changing and we update our site nearly every day.

We are also active buyers of quality militaria from Civil War through WWII.

Should you have one item or a collection, please contact us for a fair offer. We hope that you will find something of interest for your collection. Please Enjoy!, and please e-mail us your comments on our website

Larry & Terri Stewart
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Newest Updates:

Japanese WWII Replica Army Hachimaki,CLOSEOUT
A quality replica from Nakata-Shoten of Tokyo. Printed cotton construction measuring 14x36 inches. The design depicts crossed Japanese flags with a
Japanese WWII Army Pattern Replica Haversack, CLOSEOUT
Standard issue item to all Japanese enlisted Army personnel. These quality haversacks are of cotton with a permanently attached shoulder strap with
Argentine M1909 Mauser Stock
Original era manufacture. OK...so its not for a K98..but its still a Mauser stock. Nice complete hardwood stock with flat steel buttplate, upper
Bulgarian WWII M1936/C Steel Helmet, German Mfg
Original era manufacture. One piece steel helmet with four liner rivets and complete leather liner with an intact chinstrap. Faint Bulgarian
Bulgarian Army WWII German Pattern M1943 Service Hat
Original era manufacture. The smallest of Germany's Axis partners during WWII, this coarse brown wool forage cap was worn by her serving enlisted
US WWI Blue Wool Sailor's Uniform Set
Original period manufacture. This is a composite set, consisting of a WWI era white cotton sailor's cap made without a raised seam on its edge. Blue
US WWII USMC P1944 HBT Utility Trousers
Original era manufacture. A sound pair of the late war issue utility trousers. They show use but no major holes or stains. 28 inch waistband with a
US Cold War Era USAF B-15D Flight Jacket, Rolen Sportswear Sz 38
Original era manufacture. From the estate of a career USAF NCO, 1957-1985. Nice tag in the collar and a faint USAF emblem on the left shoulder. The
German WWII 20mm Cloth Powder Bags, 3
Original era manufacture. Three original cloth powder bags for 20mm projectile, each with numerous markings printed on their exteriors. All look to
US Spanish American War 58mm Projectile & Casing 7-97, UMC, INERT
Original era manufacture. Brass casing which is marked on the base U.M.C.CO. BRIDGEPORT CONN. USA and dated 7-97. The casing stands 12 inches in
Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie Coronation Medal
Original era manufacture. Attractive silver colored 40mm medal with a red-green-gold silk ribbon. Haile Selassi, Emperor of Ethiopia, The Lion of
Belgian Order of Leopold I, Knight Class w' Palms
Original era manufacture. Silver colored medal & crown with an enameled center with an applied rampant lion. Dark blue ribbon with a black central
Belgian Order of Leopold II, Knights Class
Original era manufacture. Attractive silver toned cross with an enameled center with an applied rampant lion at center. Double prong French style
Austrian WWI Braver Medal 2nd Class "Fortitudini" Emperor Karl
Original era manufacture. 30mm silver medal bearing the profile of Karl on the obverse, the reverse displays the word Fortitudini (bravery). Karl the
French Second Empire, Medaille Militaire, Napoleon III Profile
Original era manufacture. A well worn example of this famous award, presented during the reign of Louis Napoleon 1852-1870. Little of the blue enamel
Yugoslavia Cold War Era, Order of the Republic 2nd Class
Original era manufacture. A nice quality badge with enameled hightlights. Measures 45mm in width with a pinback reverse. The order comes with the
French Medal Militaire, Imperial Guard Artillery & Document
Original era manufacture. Instituted in 1852 as an award for NCO's and enlisted men for acts of bravery before the enemy. This example is a post 1871
Korean War UN Medal, Korean Language Issue
Original era manufacture. Standard UN Korean War medal but done in the Korean language. Shows light use and wear.
French Franco Prussian War Veterans Medal
Original era manufacture. Worn by French veterans of the 1870-1871 war, similar to the GAR medal of our American Civil War. The button on the reverse
French WWI Bronze Patriotic Table Medal/Plaque
Original era manufacture. Small bronze plaque which features a French soldier on one side and the skyline of the city of Strasbourg on the other. On
Vietnam, Vietnam War Army Gallantry Cross w' Star. In Country Made
Original era manufacture. French inspired, Vietnamese made award complete with its period ribbon and mounting pin. Shows normal age and wear.
German WWII Luftwaffe Silver Transport Clasp
Original era manufacture. Zinc badge with a silver colored alloy horizontal pin and a darkened silver flying eagle emblem. Traces of the original
German WWII Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Badge
Original era manufacture. A very nice tombak example with a horizontal pin and top hook. A tracews of gilding remain in the recesses of the wreath
German WWII War Service Cross with Swords, 1st Class, Cased, 4
Original era manufacture. Late war quality piece of zinc with all of its silvered finish now gone. Maker marked on the top of the pin, 4, Steinhauer
German WWII Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp, Silver
Original era manufacture. Zinc badge with an applied silver colored winged bomb on the obverse. Silver alloy attaching pin on the revese which
German WWII Krim Shield
Original era manufacture. Stamped steel, brass finished shield with a steel backing plate and four flat attaching pins. Decent amount of surface
German Prussian Silver Life Saving Medal Friedrich Wilhelm III Ca 1840
Original era manufacture. 25mm silver medal bearing the profile of the Prussian King on the obverse. Replaced ribbon.
German WWII Luftwaffe Gold Transport Clasp
Original era manufacture. Zinc badge with a gold colored alloy horizontal pin and a darkened silver flying eagle emblem. No trace of the original
German WWII Panzer Assault Badge, Hermann Auerich Mfg
Original era manufacture. Cast zinc badge with a decent amount of silver wash remaining and good detail to the obverse. Clear makers mark on the
German WWI Lusitania Sinking Propaganda Medal & Box
Original era manufacture. 55mm cast iron double sided table medal in its original box. This is a British made example of a German made medal, made to
German WWII Army Document, Wehrpass & Medals Lot, 6th Division
Original era manufacture. Recently obtained from our friend in Germany is this very nice grouping of a German soldier who served on the Eastern Front
German WWII Helmeted Soldier Patriotic Bust
Original era manufacture. Silver colored alloy bust of a helmeted German soldier. He rests upon a black marble base with a green felt bottom. The
German Franco-Prussian War Miniature Medal Bar
Original era manufacture. A very nice quality bar featuring the 1870-71 Campaign Medal, Hohenzollern Centennial Medal and Landwehr Service bar.
British WWI Royal Masonic Institue for Girls Badge
Original era manufacture. Very handsome period badge which appears to be made of silver.Dated 1919 on the front, and maker marked and silver proofed
British Imperial Service Medal George V, New Style, Named & Cased
Original era manufacture. 33mm silver medal which is suspended from its original crimson and blue silk ribbon. It is named on its edge to William
British George V Faithful Service Medal, Named Davis
Original era manufacture. 32mm silver medal displaying George V's (1910-1936)profile on the obverse. Named on the edge to Charles William Davis.
British George VI Faithful Service Medal, Woman Recipient, Named Pointer
Original era manufacture. 32mm silver medal bearing the profile of King George VI on its obverse. Named on the edge to WINIFRED FANNY POINTER.
British King George VI Faithful Service Medal, Named Skinner
Original era manufacture. 32mm silver medal displaying the profile of King George VI on its obverse. Named on the rim to William Thomas Skinner.
British Edward VII Coronation Medal 1902
Original era manufacture. Woodford Parrish coronation medal, very sound, with a small mounting pin. Medallion measures 32mm across.
British WWI War Medal, Named New Zealand EF
Original era manufacture. Silver War Medal named on the edge to one N.Campbell N.Z.E.F. with ribbon.
British WWI War Medal & Miniature Set, Pioneer
Original era manufacture. Full size medal with its 18mm miniature, both are of silver and have their original ribbons. The full size medal is marked
German WWII Silver Panzer Assault Badge, Daisy Pattern
Original era manufacture. Cast zinc badge with traces of its silver wash remaining. No maker mark on the reverse, with a slightly dished out detail.
German WWII NSKK Green Hat Insignia
Original era manufacture. Silver gray cotton embroidered eagle on a green triangular shaped background. Cut from a roll of 8. Sold by the one. Near
German WWII Silver Wire NSKK Cap Insignia
Original era manufacture. Flat silver wire embroidery on black backing. Cut from an original strip of 10. Near new condition, sold by the one.
German WWII Fire Police Sleeve Eagle, Katzenfurt
Original era manufacture. Pink cotton embroidery on dark blue wool backing. Normal age and wear.
German WWII Fire Police Sleeve Eagle, Willingen
Original era manufacture. Pink cotton embroidery on dark blue wool backing. Normal age and wear.
German WWII Fire Police Sleeve Eagle, Factory Werkfeuerwehr
Original era manufacture. Pink cotton embroidery on dark blue wool backing. Normal age and wear.
German WWII Fire Police Sleeve Eagle, Prheheischen
Original era manufacture. Pink cotton embroidery on dark blue wool backing. Normal age and wear.
German Pre WWII Infantry Bandsmans Swallows Nest
Original era manufacture. Reichswehr era, early Third Reich use. Silver brocade tresse style tape over white wool. Gray wool backing with five black
German WWII Luftwaffe Tropical Eagle
Original era manufacture. Silver gray cotton embroidery on a tan cotton background. Normal age and wear.

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