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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!

Our goal is to provide fellow collectors and historians with quality military collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

With 40 years of experience in the field, we can provide the serious hobbyist or novice collector with items seldom offered elsewhere. Our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and our liberal 5-day inspection time, assures our customer that they can buy with confidence from Stewarts'.

A brief guide to navigating our site, if you are interested in a particular nationality to view, simply click on the appropriate national icon on the left side of the screen this will pull all of that nationalities items onto one page for you to view. Or use our Search Box for a specific item. A new feature located at the top is the SITE NEWS section. Just click on that for the full story.

We invite you to visit our online catalog and ask you to please bookmark this site as our inventory is constantly changing and we update our site nearly every day.

We are also active buyers of quality militaria from Civil War through WWII.

Should you have one item or a collection, please contact us for a fair offer. We hope that you will find something of interest for your collection. Please Enjoy!, and please e-mail us your comments on our website

Larry & Terri Stewart
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Newest Updates:

Japanese WWII Army Officer Cadet Collar Insignia
Original WWII manufacture, BeVo style embroidery, silver on olive green backing. Worn on the tunic collar in pairs. Cut from an original roll. Sold
Japanese WWII Army Pith Helmet Star
Original WWII manufacture of BeVo style embroidery. Normally found folded into a pentagon and sewn to the front of the Army Pith Helmet. Cut from an
Japanese WWII Tropical Shirt Rank Insignia, 1st Cl Pvt
This is an original woven rank emblem which has been recently sewn to a pocket patch with button hole. These were worn on the left pocket of the
Japanese WWII Replica Tabi Shoes, CLOSEOUT
These rather bizarre appearing footwear are famous as having been worn by Japanese Infantrymen during WWII. In fact, a local veteran relates seeing
German WWII Kriegsmarine Rate, Artillery
Original period manufacture. Golden yellow cotton embroidery on a dark blue wool disc. Dark gray cotton reverse, near new condition.
German WWII Kriegsmarine Rate, Teletypist
Original period manufacture. Blue cotton embroidery on a white cotton disc, near new
German WWII Kriegsmarine Rate, Helmsman
Original period manufacture. Golden yellow cotton embroidery on a dark blue wool disc, near new.
German Pre WWII Reichsmarine Signals Rate, White Cloth, Dated
Original period manufacture. Cotton embroidery on a white cotton disc. Reverse looks to be dated Mai (May) 1930, near new condition.  
German WWI Four Place Lapel Ribbon & Black Wound Badge Button
Original period manufacture. Interesting little guy with a miniature Black Wound badge at top center. Ribbons for the EK2, Hindenburg Cross with
German WWII NSDAP Pin DVG Westmark
Original era manufacture. Enameled 24mm convex pin maker marked reverse W Redo Saarlautern. No enamel damage however one side of the mounting pin
British WWII RAF C Type Flying Helmet, Internally Wired
Original period manufacture. Brown leather, chamois lined flying helmet which comes with a pair of Air Ministry marked (AM) earphones in the
US WWII Era Army Port of Embarkation Unit Guidon, 226/A
Original period manufacture. Red silk like material with a yellow fringe around three sides of the guidon. Machine sewn yellow cotton emblems and
Japanese WWII Army Tropical Knapsack, Complete
Original period manufacture. Fairly clean example with the original owners named stitched in to the body of the pack in two places. Issue stamped
US Replica WWII USMC Camouflage Helmet Cover, CLOSE-OUT
This is a first class copy of the difficult to find 1st pattern WWII USMC cover. Reversible, green to brown, as were the originals, these are
US WWI Pennsylvania National Guard Medal Victory Medal, Cased
Original era manufacture. Near mint example which still resides in its case of issue. Several available so minor details will vary. All are mint and
US WWII Carlisle Bandage
Original era manufacture. Standard WWII GI Bandage issued to every soldier. Unopened can, right out of an original WWII cardboard box of 10. Minor
German Pre WWII Yacht Club Hat Badge DMK
Original period manufacture. A nice quality gold wire embroidered hat badge on white wool with an enameled yachting flag or pennant at center.
German WWII Veterans Association Tinnie, Kassel 1939
Original period manufacture. Rather an unusual tinnie, or we just haven't seen too many of these in the past. 35mm zinc disc with two RKB men wearing
US Pre WWII 158th Infantry Arizona NG Collar Disc, Bushmasters
Original period manufacture. All brass, multi-piece construction insignia with a screwback reverse. Very clean.
US Pre WWI M1905 Bayonet, RIA 1907, 1st Pattern Scabbard
Original period manufacture. Bright finished steel blade showing scattered staining from age. Hairline fracture in the left side grip plate, dark
German WWII Army Marksmanship Lanyard Shield
Original period manufacture. Stamped aluminum lanyard shield with all three original attaching prongs present. Normal age and wear.
Japanese WWII Army Aviation Breast Insignia
Original era manufacture. Regulation size insignia of BeVo quality embroidery. Worn above the left breast pocket by men of the IJA Army Aviation
German WWI 7.7cm l.F.K. 96 Shell Casing, Doughboy Souvenir
Original period manufacture. Full size shell casing which has not been trimmed  down to make a lamp or piece of Trench Art. Maker marked on
US WWI Army Issue Quality Wool Shirt, Large Size
Original period manufacture. A very clean example in dark olive brown wool, patched elbows on the sleeves and two pockets on the front. Clean, all
US WWII Rubberized Musette Bag and Utility Strap, Atlantic Products 1942
Original period manufacture. A very clean example with its original shoulder utility strap. Name & service number stenciled under the flap using
US WWII USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover
Original period manufacture. A well used 2nd pattern USMC crossover canteen cover with the drainhole in its bottom. Shows service wear and use, with
German Pre WWII Cigarette Album, Uniformen, Der Alten Armee
Original period manufacture. Produced by the Waldorf-Astoria cigarette company (1906-1929). It features 312 full color depictions of Imperial German
US WWII Black Enamel Canteen, U.S.S.CO. 1942
Original era manufacture. Steel canteen with a black enameled finish and an early pattern square topped cap. Maker marked on the bottom US USSCO
US WWII M1923 Rifleman's Belt, 10 Pocket
Original period manufacture. Standard pattern 10 pocket rifleman's belt as used during WWII. Light OD canvas in color with a faint US stencil on the
US WWII T-Handle Shovel, Maker Marked I.S.& D.
Original era manufacture. OD painted shovel which is US marked on the blade shaft. Most of the original painted finish remains on blade and handle.
US WWII FM 22-5, Infantry Drill Regulations 1941& Supplements
Original period publication. SB, War Department GPO 1943. 220 pages with index. Includes two period supplements to FM 22-5. Normal handling and wear.
German WWII Minefield Marking Flag
Original period manufacture. Black printed skull & crossbones on a faded yellow cotton triangle. Light staining from service use, no holes.
Japanese WWII Civil Defense Black Cloth Puttees
Original period manufacture. Matched pair of black cotton puttees with tie tapes intact. Normal age and wear.
South Vietnamese Military Merit Medal, In Country Manufacture
Original period manufacture. Republic of Vietnam Military Merit Medal, highest award to enlisted personnel awarded during the Vietnam War. Vietnamese
German WWII Luftwaffe Gefrieter Sleeve Chevron
Original period manufacture. Silver brocade chevron on a Luftwaffe blue wool triangle. Light age and wear.
US WWII Era Named Navy Good Conduct Medal 1947
Original era manufacture. Regulation size medal with a slot brooch suspension bar named on the reverse and dated 1947. Wear to the ribbon as
German WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class, Maker Marked Ring
Original period manufacture. Magnetic center EK2 with a pleasing patina to the edge frame and ribbing. Maker marked on the ring 93, for Richard Simm
US WWII Army Military Police (MP) Armband
Original period manufacture. Well made wool and cotton armband with individually machine sewn white wool letters on a dark blue wool backing. The
German WWII NSDAP Wool Armband, Mothed
Original period manufacture. Early quality armband of a type often encountered sewn to Political uniforms of the era. Wool body with a ribbed white
German WWI Doughboy Souvenir Lot
Original period manufacture. An interesting lot of souvenirs brought home from France by Earl Atkinson of Wheeling West Virgina. The lot includes a
German Pre WWI Imperial Military Funeral Postcard Lot, 16 RPC Cards
Original period manufacture. An interesting group of RPC photo cards depicting the funeral of a German notable or member of Royalty. Excellent photo
US WWII USMC Wire Cutters
Original WWII manufacture. In the book "Grunt Gear" by Alec Tulkoff he notes these as the heavy duty model, contracted by the Marine Corps in 1945.
Japanese WWII Army EM Cap Insignia
We were fortunate to obtain a few original examples of this often missing enlisted hat emblem. They can be used on a variety of headgear to include
Japanese WWII Replica Helmet Net
These are a first class copy of a nearly impossible accessory to find. Heavy cotton cord in the correct weave. A perfect compliment to our replica
Spanish Falangist Milicias Breast Badge, Enameled, Numbered 3344
Original period manufacture. A well made enameled shield shaped badge which measures roughly 40x50mm. Vertical mounting pin flanked by two alignment
German WWII Early Hitler Youth Membership Pin
Original period manufacture. Dark patina finished enameled badge which measures 23mm in width. Slightly convex, mounting pin on its reverse and
German WWII WHW Booklet Des Fuhrer und Sein Volk
Original era manufacture Small WHW booklet with photos and text, light age and wear.  
Japanese WWII Replica Helmet Star
We're pleased to offer these first class replicas of Japanese Army helmet stars, stamped steel, painted in the proper color, with rounded edges to
US Early 20th Century Childs Cast Iron Bank Building Coin Bank
Original period manufacture. Neat little coin bank in the shape of an old fashioned bank building. Silver painted finish and iron patina. Measures
US Early 20th Century Childs Cast Iron Mail Box Bank
Original period manufacture. A well made cast irong bank in the shape of an old fashioned Mail Box. Measures 2.5x1.5x3.5 inches with a silver painted

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