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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!

Our goal is to provide fellow collectors and historians with quality military collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

With 40 years of experience in the field, we can provide the serious hobbyist or novice collector with items seldom offered elsewhere. Our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and our liberal 5-day inspection time, assures our customer that they can buy with confidence from Stewarts'.

A brief guide to navigating our site, if you are interested in a particular nationality to view, simply click on the appropriate national icon on the left side of the screen this will pull all of that nationalities items onto one page for you to view. Or use our Search Box for a specific item. A new feature located at the top is the SITE NEWS section. Just click on that for the full story.

We invite you to visit our online catalog and ask you to please bookmark this site as our inventory is constantly changing and we update our site nearly every day. Our site is up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are available in the office usually Monday through Friday between 9 to 4. Sometimes we are out of town at a show but we do answer our e-mails while we are away of you have questions.

We are also active buyers of quality militaria from Civil War through WWII.

Should you have one item or a collection, please contact us for a fair offer. We hope that you will find something of interest for your collection. Please Enjoy!, and please e-mail us your comments on our website

Larry & Terri Stewart
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Newest Updates:

German WWII Army Marked Laminate Wood K98 Rifle Stock, Cupped Buttplate
Original era manufacture. Norwegian capture K98 rifle stock which comes complete with the following: laminate stock and upper handguard, upper
Japanese WWII Red Cross Field Cap Insignia
Original WWII manufacture, BeVo style embroidery, yellow flower on black background. Worn on the front of Red Cross field caps during WWII. Cut from
Japanese WWII Replica Army EM/NCO Field Hat with Neck Flap, CLOSEOUT
We decided to illustrate these along with an original example from our own collection to show how nice these look. The cap bodies are made of olive
German WWI Stick Grenade Head, DEWAT
Original era manufacture. Here is an oddity, the top of a WWI German stick grenade, with its original cardboard inner sleeve intact. Mix of dark
German WWII Kriegsmarine 7x50 Ziess Binoculars & Case
Original era manufacture. Large aluminum frame 7x50 binoculars which are KM North Sea property marked. The binoculars are in proper collimation
US 1920's, Chanute Field Graduation Photo, Camera Observation
Original era photography. A large format sepia tone photograph of 11 graduating NCO's from the A.S.T.S. at Chanute Field Illinois in 1926. The men
German WWII Army Winter Hat, Size 56
Original era manufacture. German WWII Winter Rabbit Fur covered hat, interesting that the makers placed the dark fur stripe at the front of the hat.
German WWII Luftwaffe K33 Brown Leather Flying Helmet
Original era manufacture. Brown leather, fleece lined Luftwaffe flying helmet in very sound condition. Soft and pliable leather body with
German WWII Army Artillery Major Shoulder Strap, 98th Regiment
Original era manufacture. Slip-on style strap with metal numbers attached to the strap. Red underlay for artillery, normal age and wear, few small
German WWII Army Artillery Unteroffizier Shoulder Strap
Original era manufacture. Dark green wool, slip-on strap with red piping. Horseshoe shaped tresse for Unteroffizier rank. Light age and wear, strap
German WWII Army Infantry Feldwebel Shoulder Strap
Original era manufacture. Feldgrau wool strap with white piping and complete tresse. Normal age and wear, single.
Japanese Order of the Rising Sun 6th Class, Cased
Original era manufacture. A beautiful silver medal with lovely enameling and attention to detail. Complete with its original issue box and lapel
German WWII Panzer Assault Badge in Silver Frank Reif Mfg
Original era manufacture. Convex zinc badge with a decent amount of original finish remaining. Alloy attaching pin, makers name in raised
German WWII General Assault Badge
Original era manufacture. Zinc badge with a fair amount of its original silver finish on its obverse with an nice mix of silver patina. Unmarked
US WWII M1943 Field Jacket, 40R, Identified
Original era manufacture. A clean, fairly large size, issue M1943 Field Jacket, as issued to one Melvin A Wolfe. Makers tag in the lower right pocket
US WWII 359th Infantry Regiment DI, Sterling, Pinback
Original era manufacture. Nicely enameled sterling marked DI, to a regiment which served with the 90th Division in Europe during WWII.
US Spanish American War Era Massachusetts Marksmanship Ladder Badge
Original era manufacture. A well made, gilded bronze ladder badge for marksmanship, covering the years 1892-1896, Sharpshooter level. Very clean, no
US WWI USN Trench Art Vase, Crossed Flags & Anchor
Original era manufacture. US WWI USN Trench Art shell vase. A tall, .75 mm shell casing standing 13.5 inches in height. Nicely decorated with crossed
Japanese WWII Replica Canteen Stoppers
These great copies are carved from a single piece of wood and are perfect replacements for those often missing original canteen stoppers. They have
French WWI Trench Art Letter Opener, Verdun 1914-1918
Original period manufacture. All brass construction with a nicely decorated scimitar shaped blade displaying the name Verdun 1914 - 1918. 
European 19th Century Cuirass Back Plate
Original era manufacture. Heavy steel back plate with two lion headed bosses on the shoulders holding the linked chain breast straps in place. No
British WWII Cameron Highlanders Glengarry Badge
Original era manufacture. A nice quality stamped alloy badge with both attaching lugs present on its reverse. The lugs are bent a bit but
German WWII War Service Cross 1st Class without Swords
Original period manufacture. Nice quality alloy example with a good deal of the silver finish remaining on the surface of the medal. Normal age
British WWII, Royal Army Service Corps Shoulder Insignia
Original era manufacture. Printed design on an oilcloth type backing material. Removed from a uniform.  
US WWII USMC Camouflage Helmet/Mosquito Net
Original era manufacture. Introduced during WWII, these saw service with the USMC up through Vietnam. Often referred to as a Sniper Veil, these are
German WWII Luftwaffe Enlisted Tunic Eagle
Original era manufacture. Thick silver gray cotton embroidery on Luftwaffe blue wool material. Black cotton reverse, removed from a uniform.
German WWII S84/98 Bayonet & Frog, fnj 40
Original era manufacture. Interesting bayonet as the serial number blade to scabbard is 4984 1, they used a number rather than a letter for a series
Japanese WWII Replica Tabi Shoes, CLOSEOUT
These rather bizarre appearing footwear are famous as having been worn by Japanese Infantrymen during WWII. In fact, a local veteran relates seeing
Brazilian M1934 Mauser Bayonet, Weyersberg Mfg
Original era manufacture. German made bayonet with a 15.5 inch blade and hooked guard. Dark steel patina finish, light denting to the steel scabbard,
US WWI Doughboy Tunic, 3rd Division
Original era manufacture. Small size cotton tunic with all buttons intact. Insignia includes a multi-piece construction 3rd Division SSI, embroidered
British No 9 MK1 Bayonet, Unmarked
Original era manufacture. All steel construction bayonet & scabbard with a Bowie style blade. Matt black finish to the bayonet with no visible
German WWI Trench Art Vase, Soissons
Original era manufacture. German WWI 7.7 Trench Art Vase, Karlsruhe Okt 1917. Nicely decorated sides with a floral design and the word Soissons
British Victorian Era Officers Pistol Pouch & Strap
Original era manufacture. White painted shoulder strap with fire gilt buckles and other fittings. Black patent leather pouch with a very nice Queen
British East India Company Socket Bayonet,
Original era manufacture. Bright polished steel bayonet with a spring catch of the mounting stud slot. Blade markings are D4, measures just under 20
US WWII 28th Squadron Photo Album, Germany, 500 Photos
Original era photography. A large format album containing over 500 original BW snapshots of one soldiers experiences in Germany during, and just
Soviet Cold War Era Pilots Goggles & Storage Box
Original era manufacture. Sound pair of issue pilot or aircrew goggles in their original storage box. Instruction papers inside are dated
German WWI Imperial Navy Officers Dagger Belt
Original era manufacture. Black silk covered velvet adjustable belt, with a 40 mm cast brass officers buckle. The belt is missing its attaching clasp
US WWI Camp Fuston Kansas, Souvenir Post Card Set
Original era publication. Typical Doughboy souvenir of WWI, featuring a postcard size mailer, of 20 colorized images of the army training camp at
Soviet WWII Order of the Red Star, Serial 3158434
Original era manufacture. Handsome silver star with red enameled arms, no enamel damage just some light detail wear to the center silver portion.
Soviet WWII Order of the Red Star, Serial 3238710
Original era manufacture. Handsome silver star with red enameled arms, no enamel damage just some light detail wear to the center silver portion.
Soviet WWII Order of the Red Star, Serial 3474229
Original era manufacture. Handsome silver star with red enameled arms, no enamel damage just some light detail wear to the center silver portion.
Austrian WWI Karpathian Korps Patriotic Hat Badge, Hofmann 1914 - 1915 Tinnie
Original era manufacture. Pinback, zinc badge which measures 30 x 42 mm, normal age and wear.
Austrian WWI Patriotic Cap Badge
Original era manufacture. Circular zinc badge with a pinback reverse, maker marked Bruder Schneider, Wien. Measures 30 mm across.
German WWII Bronze DRL Badge
Original era manufacture. Early quality bronze colored badge with a pinback reverse, unusual in that it does not display any makers name. Light
German WWII War Merit Medal
Original period manufacture. Bronze colored planchet and original ribbon. Awarded to civilians for meritorious effort on the home front. Nice
US WWII Carlisle Bandage And Canvas Belt Pouch
Original period manufacture. Unopened US Army Carlisle bandge residing in a single snap pointed flap light OD canvas belt pouch. The pouch colors
British WWI Official Press Bureau Photo, Stokes Morter
Original era photography.  Black & white photo measuring roughly 8.5x6.5 inches depicting a secion of Tommy's unloading a mud-bound limber of Stokes
German WWII Wehrmacht Dress Bayonet, 8 Inch Blade
Original period manufacture. Clean, chrome finished blade with an unmarked ricasso. Sound black plastic grips with no issues. About 80% paint finish
US WWII Pattern Sterling Silver Combat Infantry Badge
Original era manufacture. First authorized for issue on November 15, 1943 awarded to officers and men of the United States Army whose conduct in
US WWII M1936 Suspenders, Hinson Mfg 1942, Unissued
Original era manufacture. Light OD canvas suspenders with darkened brass buckles and darkened steel hooks. Near new condition and likely never worn.

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