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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!

Our goal is to provide fellow collectors and historians with quality military collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

With 40 years of experience in the field, we can provide the serious hobbyist or novice collector with items seldom offered elsewhere. Our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and our liberal 5-day inspection time, assures our customer that they can buy with confidence from Stewarts'.

A brief guide to navigating our site, if you are interested in a particular nationality to view, simply click on the appropriate national icon on the left side of the screen this will pull all of that nationalities items onto one page for you to view. Or use our Search Box for a specific item. A new feature located at the top is the SITE NEWS section. Just click on that for the full story.

We invite you to visit our online catalog and ask you to please bookmark this site as our inventory is constantly changing and we update our site nearly every day.

We are also active buyers of quality militaria from Civil War through WWII.

Should you have one item or a collection, please contact us for a fair offer. We hope that you will find something of interest for your collection. Please Enjoy!, and please e-mail us your comments on our website

Larry & Terri Stewart
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Newest Updates:

US WWI 11 Pocket Grenade Vest
These are in unbelievable near new condition and have the four tie tapes still rolled up and tucked into a grenade pocket. Light storage wear only.
US WWI Army Summer Enlisted Uniform Tunic & Breeches
Original period manufacture. A nice clean set which is named to the same individual. Light olive green cotton tunic with a complete set of buttons,
US WWII Portable Single Burner Stove, Coleman 1943
Original period manufacture. Single burner, white gas stove made by Coleman and dated 1943 on the side of the fuel tank. The stove is complete with
German WWII Laminate K98 Mauser Stock 6878, Flat Buttplate, Matching
Original era manufacture. Norwegian capture K98 rifle stock which comes complete with the following; laminate wood stock and upper handguard, upper
German Kriegsmarine Sailors Cap Tally S.M.S. Zaehringen
Original era manufacture. Full length black silk ribbon with gold wire embroidery. The SMS Zaehringen was a Wittelsbac-Class, pre-Dreadnaught
German Kriegsmarine Sailors Cap Tally, Linienschiff Braunschweig
Original era manufacture. Full length black silk ribbon with gold wire embroidery. The Braunschweig was a pre-Dreadnaught class of battleship,
German Kriegsmarine Sailors Cap Tally, Linienschiff Schleswig Holstein
Original era manufacture. Full length black silk ribbon with gold wire embroidery. SMS Schleswig-Holstein was a pre-dreadnaught class of battleship
US 19th Century Mourning Pin
Original period manufacture. A sepia toned photograph on celluloid which is mounted in an elaborate circular frame. Pinback reverse with a light blue
US Civil War CDV, Connecticut Officer & Corps Badge, 6th Corps?
Original period photograph. Clear sepia tone view of a seated bearded officer who wears what may be a 6th Corps badge on his left breast. Connecticut
US Civil War CDV, Connecticut Officer & Corps Badge, 6th Corps?
Original period photograph. Clear, sepia tone image of a seated 1st Lieutenant. He wears on his chest what may be a 6th Corps badge with ribbon.
US Civil War Sutler's CDV - Dewey, Scrooem & Howe
Original period photography. Ok, we've taken a bit of creative license with our title, but this is what comes to our mind when we gaze upon this
Chinese Korean War Peoples Volunteer Army Patriotic Enameled Cup
Original era manufacture. An enameled steel drinking cup with an attractive patriotic design on the outside of the cup body. The translation is as
Chinese Korean War Peoples Volunteer Army Patriotic Enameled Cup
Original era manufacture. An enameled steel drinking cup with an attractive patriotic design on the outside of the cup body. The translation is as
German WWII NSDAP Party Pin, Pre RZM
Original era manufacture. Enameled badge with a pinback reverse. Pre RZM era marked Ges.Gesch. only. Normal age and wear.
German WWII Late War Hitler Youth Membership Badge RZM M1/103
Original era manufacture. Standard pattern badge with a pinback, RZM marked reverse, M1/185. Painted rather than enameled obverse. Near new
German WWII Reichsnahrstand Stickpin, Deschler Mfg
Original period manufacture. A well made tinnie featuring a silver alloy swastika with a gilded sword and shock of wheat. Deschler and Sohn makers
US WWII 90th Division Uniform & Unit History Grouping, Same Soldier
Original period manufacture. This 90th Division grouping consists of one Ike Jacket, one green wool shirt, two khaki shirts with sleeve insignia, two
US WWII Carlisle Bandage
Original era manufacture. Standard WWII GI Bandage issued to every soldier. Unopened can, right out of an original WWII cardboard box of 10. Minor
US WWI Signal Corps Binoculars, Bausch Lomb Mfg, Compass in Case Lid
Original era manufacture. Bausch & Lomb marked leather case with a compass in its lid top. Brass framed individual focus binoculars with a range
US WWII M3 Leather Shoulder Holster, US ENGER KRESS, 1944
Original period manufacture. Russet leather holster and straps with brass fittings. Very clear US oval stamp on the outside of the holster on the
Soviet Cold War Nagant Rifle Cleaning Kit
Original period manufacture. Looks to be fairly complete, oil bottles, take down tool, muzzle protector and more. Near new condition, storage wear
British Korean War Dated Green Wool Beret,
Original period manufacture. Black, or very dark green wool beret with a black leather edging and black cotton lining. Issue stamped inside and size
US WWII Army Officers Overseas Hat, Size 7
Original period manufacture. Officers quality dark OD "elastique" ribbed wool hat with black & gold piping. Imitation silk lining with a brown
US WWII Army Enlisted OD Wool Overseas Hat, Ordnance
Original period manufacture. Issue quality hat in OD wool with a khaki cotton lining. Gold & red piping for Ordnance. Size about a 7, normal age
US WWII Army Enlisted Dark OD Overseas Hat, Artillery Piping
Original period manufacture. Dark OD officers quality hat with red piping for Artillery. Deluxe lining with a brown leather sweatband. Size about a
US WWII Army Enlisted Khaki Overseas Hat, Ordnance Piping, Sz 7
Original period manufacture. Clean khaki cotton hat with gold & red piping for Ordnance. Deluxe private purchase type lining with a green cotton
US WWII Army Signal Lamp M-227, June 1943
Original period manufacture. A near complete set of battery powered signaling lamp equipment as issued to Airborne and Pathfinder units for
US WWI Army Semaphore Signal Flag Kit
Original period manufacture. Russel, 1918, dated khaki canvas carrying bag with shoulder strap. Inside are two identical signal flags with turned
US WWI Officers Brown Leather Leggings
Original period manufacture.  Very sound brown leather leggings or puttees with an intact securing strap. No issues, just light age and
French Korean War Era Hobnailed Shoes
Original period manufacture. Black leather ankle boots or shoes with hobnailed soles. Clear makers marks on the instep of the sole. Doubt if these
US WWI Doughboy Ration Meatcan.
Original WWI manufactured steel can which was intended to carry the US Doughboy's meat ration. Tinned steel finish. Nicely dated and marked lid.
US M1892 30-40 Krag Bayonet, 1898 Dated, 699205
Original period manufacture. Bright finished blade, pommel and guard with a US proof and 1898 date on the ricasso. The blade is bright with some
German WWII NSDAP Flag
Original period manufacture. Double sided, all cotton construction NSDAP flag with a printed swastika on a white cotton disc. The flag measures 39x62
US WWI- WWII Practice Grenade, INERT
Original period manufacture. Hollow bodied cast iron grenade with a removable pin and a permanently affixed spoon handle. Normal age and wear. US
US WWI Era Graduation Book, US Army Air Service Mechanics School, "The Propeller"
Original period publication. SB, large format graduation style book loaded with photos and text. Looks to be about 60 pages with a roster in the
US WWI Booklet, "Rhymes of the Lost Battalion"
Original period publication. Interesting little book which is a presentation of poems by Buck Private McCollum. Surface scuff in the upper right
US Cold War Naval Reserve Medal
Original period manufacture. Nice looking medal with its original ribbon, crimp brooch suspension, not a recent manufacture. Likely dates from the
US WWII Translation Sheet, German Surrender Leaflet, 17th SS Division
Original period publication. Printed sheet 7A-A74, providing an English translation of a leaflet intended for areas occupied by the 17th SS
US WWII Propaganda Shell Leaflet, Will You Be The Last Man?
Original period manufacture. Smaller size leaflet, printed on heavier stock paper which we believe was released from a Leaflet-Shell. On side details
US WWII German Surrender Leaflet, Funf Minuten Englisch
Original period publication. Leaflet ZG-77, which gives a five minute lesson in English to those German soldiers contemplating surrender to the
Japanese WWII Army Light Weight Long Tropical Trousers
Original period manufacture. Thin, olive green cotton trousers with a cloth tie belt. Issue stamps inside the waistband with an issue date of Showa
US WWII Army Issue Musette Bag and Utility Strap, 1943
Original period manufacture. Light OD canvas constructed US WWII Musette Bag with Utility Strap. Atlantic Production Corp 1943. Light
US WWII YANK Magazine, Continental Edition, 12/31/44, "Man of the Year"
Original period publication. US WWII Yank Magazine, 12/31/44. Man of the Year is a 3rd Division Soldier. Pin-up girlis Colleen Townsend
US WWII YANK Magazine, Continental Edition, 9/10/44, "On To Paris"
Original period publication. US WWII Yank Magazine, 9/10/44, On to Paris. Pin-Up Girl is Vivian Blaine. Light handling and wear.
US WWII YANK Magazine, Continental Edition 9/03/44, Kamerad
Original period publication. High ranking Kriegsmarine officer being guarded by two MP's. Pin-Up is Mildred Cowles. Light handling and wear.
US WWI-WWII NoBuckl Type Sling, Blue Steel Fittings
Original period manufacture. An unmarked, khaki canvas sling with blue steel fittings. There are a few small spots of age rust on the canvas and
Japanese WWII Army 3rd Pattern Tropical Tunic, Aviation Insignia
Original period manufacture. Pale olive cotton tunic, issue quality, with composition buttons throughout. Late war pattern with only two upper
Japanese WWII Army NCO Issue 2nd Pattern Tropical Tunic & Breeches Set
Original period manufacture. Second pattern tropical tunic with a pair of early manufacture Sgt Major collar rank and a four place ribbon bar above
US Pre WWII, 1st Edition Anniversary USS Macon Crash Envelope 1936
Original period manufacture. Postal history, envelope issued honoring the 1st Anniversary of the crash and destruction of the US Navy's rigid
German WWII Kriegsmarine Sleeve Rate, Waffenleitvormann, Artillerie, Flak, Kuste
Original period manufacture. Red cotton embroidery on a white cotton oval, near new condition.  

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