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US WWII German Veteran Bringback Lot, Waffen-SS Collar Tab Set

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $795.00
Item #36198

Original era manufacture. This interesting little lot contains insignia and paperwork of a GI who served with the 79th Division in Europe during WWII, and who received a Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Combat Infantry Badge for his troubles.

Sometime in the early 1960's our soldier prepared these momento's for his daughter's Show & Tell program at Grade School. He placed each in a  small white paper envelope, with a brief typewritten notation on the outside.

The lot includes, his Purple Heart ribbon, a sterling marked CIB, Bronze Star ribbon, his Dogtag, his ETO ribbon, two 79th division SSI, a nice newspaper clipping with his photo and a brief description of his service, his brothers postwar Navy Hospital apprentice diploma, a small aluminum piece from a shot-down German aircraft, and the crème de la crème of the collection (truly, only in a monetary sense), an original pair of Waffen-SS collar tabs, both rune and rank. The envelope which he placed the tab set in simply states, "taken from the uniform of a German "SS" officer, captured in France 1944".  While we in our easy chairs know these collar tabs to be only those of a corporal, to our GI who braved the storm, they were the emblems of an SS officer.

Silver gray embroidered runes on black wool with varnished buckram reverse, the rank tab is for a Rottenfuhrer, with a thin silver strip on the black wool, and again with the varnished buckram reverse.

The tabs are free from moth damage, only issue is that the glue has given up on the rune tab, and the top edge of the wool needs to be tacked back down. There are a few loose threads on the rank tab holding the silver strip in place.  

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