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US WWII British Mfg HQ ETOUSA Com Z SSI, Rubberized Fabric

Price:  $12.00
Item #17829

Original era manufacture. Full size, multi-color cotton embroidery on a rubberized fabric backing. Supposedly this pattern was intended for wear on the rubber raincoat.

This command's WWII mission was to provide support for the US Army in the UK and of preparing and stockpiling supplies, equipment, transportation, and weapons for the invasion of France.

In Richard W.Smith's excellent reference on WWII US patches, "Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the U.S. Armed Forces 1941-1945", he quotes a German Division commanders comments regarding the efforts of this command, "I cannot understand these Americans. Each night we know we that we have cut them to pieces, inflicted heavy casualties in battle, mowed down their transport. We know in some cases we have decimated entire battalions. But-in the morning-we are suddenly faced with fresh battalions, with complete replacements of men, machines, food, tools and weapons. If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would say it is impossible to give this kind of support to front line troops so far from their bases". Sounds like the ETOUSA boys did their job pretty well. Normal age and wear. Two in stock, near identical in condition, sold by the one.

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