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US Spanish-American War, Winchester-Lee US Navy Marked Bayonet, Remington Mfg

New Price:  $750.00
Was:  $950.00
Item #38830

Original era manufacture. Made for the Winchester-Lee, straight pull rifle adopted by the US Navy.

The bayonets however were made by Remington, as is our example. Bright finished blade with REMINGTON ARMS CO. ILION NY in the reverse fuller, and on the obverse fuller, UNITED STATES NAVY.

Bright finished guard and pommel, with original finish wooden grips, with the reverse grip plate displaying a very clear US ORD. DEPT. stamp within an oval on its surface.

Very sound condition black leather scabbard and frog, with steel fittings which once had a blue finish, now an even steel patina.

I doubt this bayonet ever saw much service use, with most of its minor age issues being the result of storage. Light clouding and staining to the blade surface, pommel and guard. All of the edges are crisp, with no sharpening to the cutting edge and the point remains quite sharp.

A scarce bayonet, especially with the US Navy markings.     

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