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US Spanish American War, Admiral Dewey Medal Lot,

Price:  $145.00
Item #41903

Original era manufacture. Two finely made bronze medals with their original ribbons.

The left side medal has a 45 mm bronze planchet, with the profile of Admiral Dewey on the obverse, and on the reverse, the Battleship Olympia. It is suspended from a yellow silk ribbon, with embroidered flags of the United States and a Four Star Admiral.

The right side medal is a 35 mm bronze planchet with Dewey's profile on the obverse, with the reverse displaying a winged angel blowing a trumpet, with the Olympia below. 1899 dated at the edge.

It is suspended from a rather tattered red-white-blue silk ribbon, with a bronze clasp stating Municipal Committee, and above, a laurel-leaf bedecked muzzle-loading naval cannon.

Sold as a pair

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