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US Pre WWI M1905 Bayonet, RIA 1907, 1st Model Scabbard

Price:  $450.00
Item #43763

Original period manufacture. Bright finish, 16 inch blade in with a toned patina finish, no pitting or corrosion. Clear RIA 1907 proofs on the ricasso. Mix of  blue and steel patina finish to the guard and pommel, with an operable lock mechanism. Rough hewn walnut grips in original dark finish, no cracks or chips, just light marring from service use.

First model leather covered scabbard which has had the Krag-type swivel suspension bar. The leather is sound, stitching is tight (open slightly at the scabbard tip), maker marked and dated on the reverse of the scabbard, R.I.A. 1908.  

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