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US Civil War, M1850 Staff & Field Officers Sword, Masonic Marked Blade

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $1100.00
Item #38319

Original era manufacture. Polished steel blade measuring 31.5 inches in length with a good bit of the original polish remaining visible. No real corrosion issues, just some scattered staining from age and wear, no nicks in the cutting edge. There is not a maker or retailers name on the ricasso, certainly a special order blade, perhaps an import.

Each side of the blade displays an etched design, on the obverse side are typical floral and military displays, and at center where normally would be the American eagle, is the emblem for a member of the Masonic order.

On the reverse side of the blade more floral decoration and a large U.S. at center.

The cast brass guard displays remnants of its original gilded finish, with no damage or bending, and having the letters U.S. cast into the floral design. Those letters are the only real difference between the Staff & Field officers sword and the1850 Foot. The guard does not rattle or move about.  

The leather wrapped grip is sound with triple brass wire binding. One of the straight wires is partially there, with the wire end being placed inside the pommel cap to keep it from sticking out and catching on one's hand. Perhaps period done, who knows for sure, but a good way to take care of the issue.

Very sound black leather bodied scabbard, no creases or breaks in its surface, and the gilded brass fittings are securely mounted to the body of the sword and are not loose. The stitching is tight with no open sections, the only very minor negative to mention is a 2.5 inch scuff in the leather surface, that's an easy fix.  

Overall a very presentable example of a classic Civil War officers sword, and rather unusual with the Masonic Order decoration.  

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