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US 1927 Copper Book Ends, 1927, Old Ironsides USS Constitution

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $150.00
Item #38280

Original era manufacture. A nice quality set of book ends made from reclaimed metal from the hull of the War of 1812 US Navy Frigate, USS Constitution, better known as "Old Ironsides".

In 1927 a nationwide program to save the ship from being scrapped was enacted, and as the story goes the donations of pennies by the nation's school children saved the ship.

Souvenirs were made from scraps left over from her restoration, in a wide variety of forms. Our example is a set of bookends, cast into the form of a pair of ship's wheels.

Cast into the base is a plaque which reads, "THIS MATERIAL WAS TAKEN FROM US FRIGATE USS CONSTITUTION 1927. At the center of the ships wheel is a matching material disc displaying the Constitution and listing below her honors before Tripoli in 1804, and during the War of 1812.

Very well made with lead weighted bases. *Please Note, this is a stock photo, we purchased two near identical sets of these great old bookends at the same militaria auction. Just minor details will vary.    

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