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US WWII WAVES Uniforms Lot Named 1st Class Petty Officer

New Price:  $425.00
Was:  $595.00
Item #35453

These are  uniform sets that belonged to Wanita Damian. Original period manufacture. Wanita Damian was born July 13, 1911 and enlisted in the WAVES  November 2, 1944 and served in our Navy until August 30, 1968.

There are two complete uniforms with skirts, buttons and collar insignia and one additional jacket with no buttons but has her First Class Petty Officer insignia and her stripes on the sleeve.

The Jackets have a 34 inch bust and are  24 inches long
The skirts have a waist of 28 inches and is 26 inches long

She was awarded the medals for  American Campaign, National Defense, Victory and 2 Good Conduct. 

Very sharp looking uniforms.

she lived until 2002. She was 90 years old.

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