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French Franco-Prussian War Soldier Statue

Price:  $250.00
Item #33418

Original era manufacture. Excellent quality spelter stature of a French soldier during the later months of the 1870-71 War. I have seen numerous examples of him over the years, often in the company of a similar statue of a French sailor. Many times he has been described as a US Civil War soldier, no doubt due to the kepi he wears, but in fact he represents a French Garde Mobile, soldiers mobilized after the destruction of the Imperial Army of Napoleon III at Sedan and Metz. I often think of the amazing display of fortitude and determination shown by the French people after these twin catastrophes, to continue on with the struggle, with Paris besieged, and large portions of the country occupied, speaks very well of them. He measures 14 inches in height with an old gold painted finish. There is a touch of oxidation on the front of his left leg and his Tabatiere rifle barrel has been replaced with a copper rod.  A very impressive looking statue and fairly heavy.  

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