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US M1872 Mounted Artillery Officers Sword, Identified

Price:  $495.00
Item #39351

Original era manufacture. A scarce pattern sword bearing a San Francisco retailers name on the ricasso, J.M. Litchfield & Co. . The curved blade measures 32 inches in length, with etched panels on each side. The polished steel finish is clean, with a nice sheen to it, minor bumps in the cutting edge, and some light staining and spotting near the tip.

Brass guard, backstrap and pommel, with a fishskin wrapped grip bound with single strand wire. The guard is pushed in a bit, resulting in a kink in the metal near the opening for the sword knot. On the underside of the guard is the name H.K. Taylor U.S.A engraved into the surface.

The steel scabbard is trimmed in brass, is dent free, and has a chrome or nickel finish, which shows lifting and wear in spots.

I did some preliminary research on H.K. Taylor courtesy of the two volume set of Heitman's, Historical Registry and History of the Army, Volume I, Washington Government Printing Office 1903, reprinted 1988 by Olde Soldier Books.

On page 947 there appears a listing for one, Hugh Kirkpatrick Taylor. US Naval Academy 1893-1896. Private C Company 12th Infantry, and Private, Corporal, Sergeant M & O Companies 4th Artillery 1897-1899. 2nd Lieutenant 6th Infantry 1899, transferred to the artillery corps and 1st Lieutenant 1901.

Lots of good research potential, has to be an interesting story regarding attending the US Naval Academy for only two years.    

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