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Japanese Samurai Era Wakizashi, 21.5 Inch Blade

Price:  $1,195.00
Item #43631

Original era manufacture. A very fine example featuring a 21 inch hand forged blade with a very clear temper line on each side of the cutting edge. The blade is bright and clean, no nicks in the cutting edge, and the point remains quite sharp. The habaki, or ricasso covering, appears to be silver. The tang has a dark steel patina finish, with a single mounting hole, and measures 5 inches in length. It is not signed.

Attractive, and ornate irong tsuba, with gold decoration on the ferrule and pommel covering. Original black cloth lacing (worn in one spot, hence the rubber band holding the ends in place) and beneath a decorative menuki on each side.

Black lacquer finish to the wooden scabbard which is free of cracking or chipping to the surface. There is a rectangular recess on one side which once held a small side knife, now missing.

Overall, the weapon is quite pleasing in condition and exhibits light wear and age.  

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