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Japanese WWII Officers Katana, Souvenir Presentation

Price:  $1,095.00
Item #44175

Original era manufacture. Highly polished 26 inch steel blade, with clear temper lines visible on each side of the blade. There are no nicks in the cutting edge, the point remains sharp, and there are no corrosion issues.

Ornate cast brass tsuba, original grip lacing with two simple brass menuki  set into the binding. Brown painted brass pommel cap, with a cloth pommel loop.

Brown painted alloy scabbard, with brown painted brass fittings. Scratched into one side of the scabbard body is the following; "To Eddy, Mr. Mrs. Shaler, S'Hai, 15.4.46". Likely a souvenir from a couple involved with the postwar occupation of Japan to little Eddy back home.

We have removed the securing peg to have a look at the tang. The tang displays a dark steel patina but is not signed.

Few areas of paint loss from handling, and a shallow dent or two in the scabbard body. A very clean sword otherwise.  

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