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French Pattern, German Mfg, Cavalry Sabre, Egyptian Police Marked,

Price:  $450.00
Item #42625

Original era manufacture. Now this sword has had an interesting history. It is a French inspired M1822 pattern sword, which we in the USA, would refer to as the M1840. Flat spine, with a leather covered, tapered grip.

Polished steel blade measuring 35 inches in length, running straight and true, with a Weyersburg kings head proof on the ricasso, and a Crown W proof on the spine. In addition, there are numerous markings in Arabic, and the letters E.P., which I believe stands for Egyptian Police.

Cast brass three branch guard, with a leather wrapped tapered grip, bound with single strand, twisted brass wire. 

Polished steel scabbard, with scattered shallow denting along its length, and more Arabic markings at the throat and both sides of the drag.

Germany, France, and the USA provided the Ottoman controlled Egyptian military with large amounts of arms and munitions prior to the Arabi revolt in 1882. The Krupp cannon captured at Tel El-Kebir, and the Egyptian soldiers being armed with Remington Rolling Block rifles being only just two examples.


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