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European, Early 19th Century, Light Cavalry Sword

Price:  $375.00
Item #39106

Original era manufacture. A very sound example of a European light cavalry sword, which I would date in the 1820-1840 era, perhaps even earlier.

The clipped point, 32 inch, polished steel blade is in wonderful, untouched condition. Original polish on the surface, no nicks in the cutting edge, and the blade runs straight and true. There is some light spotting and staining from age, with one spot of live corrosion (about 8 x 25 mm) which I will knock down once I am through typing this. Other than that, the blade is in remarkable condition for its age.

Steel guard with a curved quillon and langet projections, steel backstrap and pommel. The fish skin wrapped grip is quite sound, with three strands of copper wire binding, with a break in one of the wires about an inch up from the guard.

Very clean original steel scabbard with decorative bands to the suspension rings, and minimal wear to the drag. Just a nice old sword, with no makers markings visible.  

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