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European, 19th Century, Court, or Officials Sword, Blue & Gilt Blade

Price:  $225.00
Item #42464

Original era manufacture. Polished steel, triangular shaped blade measuring 33.5 inches in length. The lower 8.75 inches has a blue finish with gilt highlights, on the wide side of the blade, at the base, are the initials V.A.K & F. The sword is without a scabbard, yet, rather surprisingly, the blade runs straight and true.

Intricately cast fire gilded guard and pommel, with the image of Athena on the clamshell, the tip of the quillon is broken off. Mother of pearl grip plates with some minor chipping in the edges, no cracks in the plate surfaces.

My guess is either French or German, but I was not able to identify the nationality of this old sword. By its design, I would place it early 19th century, perhaps Napoleonic.   

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