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British Current Era, Queen Elizabeth II, Golden Jubilee Sword, Wilkinson Mfg

New Price:  $2,495.00
Was:  $2,995.00
Item #41517

Original period manufacture. A beautiful, high-quality sword by the world famous firm of Wilkinson, produced in 2002 to the honor the Golden Jubilee of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This example was purchased by a friend of ours in 2002, and comes complete with its fitted leather covered case, and all accompanying documentation. Even an original pair of white cotton gloves to wear while handling the sword.

There is a unique feature to our friends sword, in that the scabbard is fitted with two silver-gilt suspension rings. This addition was requested by our friend when he visited the Wilkinson firm to make his purchase. The typical example of the 50th Anniversary sword was produced without suspension rings, the more expensive jewel mounted example had rings as well.   

The sword measures 30.5 inches overall, with a 23.5 inch double edged blade, and a 24 inch scabbard. The sword features a sterling silver hilt, with silver-gilt metal fittings. The scabbard is covered in a fine white leather, with bands of silver-gilt, and three beautifully enameled rosettes in white, red, and blue.

The sword is truly magnificent in quality and presentation, with a serial number 0151 on the ricasso, with a matching numbered document inside the case.

The condition of the sword is as new, only a spot or two of toning to the silver fittings can be seen, these are quite small and not detracting. Bill was fastidious in the handling of this sword, always wore the gloves, so there are no finger prints to mar the finish.

Our friend is struggling with some serious health issues at present, and has decided that this beautiful sword needs to find a new home. He will receive the full amount listed, no deductions for commissions will be made, he gets all of the money we receive on the sale.

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