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US Pre WWII, USS Langley Sailors Letter, Pearl Harbor T.H., Pan-Am Clipper Envelope

Price:  $65.00
Item #44359

Original era publication. An interesting period letter and envelope, mailed by a US Sailor, stationed aboard the USS Langley at Pearl Harbor Territory of Hawaii in 1937.

The envelope displays official cache's from the Langley and Pearl Harbor, with a nice bw photo inset of the Pan-Am Clipper aircraft.

The letter is addressed to the sailor's mother, full of typical chatter, enquiring about the well-being of his family, and requests by him for return letters.

The USS Langley was the United States Navy's first operational aircraft carrier, converted from the collier USS Jupiter in 1920. She served as an aircraft carrier until 1936, when she was converted once again, this time to a sea-plane tender.

She served in this capacity until damaged by Japanese aircraft in early 1942, she was sunk by our own navy to keep out of the hands of the Japanese off of the coast of Java.

Nice little piece of postal history.     

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