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US WWII Red Cross Worker, Hitler's Eagles Nest Visit Letter & Insignia Lot

Price:  $245.00
Item #40262

Original era manufacture. This wonderful post WWII grouping was purchased by Terri and I last summer from a gentleman in Northern Arizona.

It consists of a nice assortment of period Red Cross insignia, her sterling silver ID bracelet, an Army Air Corps sweetheart bracelet and another sweetheart bracelet consisting of eleven painted US Army divisional emblems.

Perhaps the most intriguing component of this grouping, is the three page letter of travel instructions issued by the Red Cross GHQ in October of 1946. 

The contents provide detailed instructions for Miss Samuelson & Miss Schenkel for their journey to southern Germany while driving a US Jeep. Train schedules, hotel and meal information with advice on some of the scenic highlights; to include a visit to Hitler's Eagles Nest and the famous Salt Mines where Goering's  treasure was found.

The last paragraph wishes the pair a pleasant journey, with good weather and no Jeep trouble.

This would have been quite an adventure for anyone in immediate post-war Germany, imagine driving a WWII US Jeep through the mountains of Bavaria in October! No heater, hand operated windshield wipers, and a bare-bones canvas top. Good on them...



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