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Japanese WWII Single Soldier Flag & Senninbari Lot, 6 Pieces

Price:  $750.00
Item #34853

Original era manufacture. This is a very unique collection of flags and senninbari which were the property of one Japanese soldier during WWII, one Tsujimura Kazuo from the Nagoya area. The lot consists of an amazing sewn center, signed silk flag with over 1000 individual signatures written on it's surface. The soldiers name in placed in the upper right corner of the flag. The flag measures 30x36 inches, with a machine sewn, rather than a printed hinomaru. There are a few very small holes were the ink has eaten through the fabric, but overall the flag has a very dramatic look to it and is quite clean. A second flag this time of cotton, measuring 30x44 inches, Everlasting Success in War, presented by Nanyori Iwa & Shizuo from Asahikawa City, very clean, no issues. Silk going to war banner,  rising sun flag at the top, with a fringed bottom. It measures 18x46 inches, and a partial translation is congratulations, soldiers name and given by Takemoto Rikichi, few small holes in the silk, clean overall. Smaller signed flag, also of cotton, showing wear and tear. It's wording reads; Unite your heart with others-Raise the Rising Sun Flag. On the reverse it states that our soldier was serving in southern China and to deliver this to the hospital room where he was staying, presented by Watanabe Shinjo. Hokobukuro or valuables bag, torn on one side, with the soldiers name on top right. Presented by the officials of Shishirocho, Aichi Prefecture, "the contents speak of our thanks to you". Senninbari with tie strings, reading; Praying for eternal success in war, giving the soldiers name and address in the town of Shishirocho. An wonderful grouping, the most complete we have ever owned.      

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