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US WWII Aviation Art Folio, "Not as Briefed" , Col. C.R. Greening

Price:  $225.00
Item #44144

Original era publication. HB, large format, leather covered, spiral bound, limited edition art folio of 50 full color plates, with each plate measuring roughly 10 x 12 inches. I believe this example to be the first publishing, certainly not the more current reissue.

The artwork was produced by Colonel Charles Ross Greening, a Doolittle Raider, who made it back from China, then found his way to North Africa, only to be shot down while flying his B-26 Marauder aircraft on a raid on Naples Italy, July 17th 1943. He parachuted to safety, landing on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, he was immediately captured and interned. He escaped captivity during a bombing raid, then re-captured several months later, and spent the remainder of the war in a German POW camp.  

His artwork is of excellent quality, with good detail and composition. Each plate is fully described as to the content depicted.

The book is quite sound, exhibiting normal handling and wear.  

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