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US WWI USMC Good Conduct Medal & Victory Medal, Navy Style Overseas Bar

Price:  $275.00
Item #18309

Original era manufacture. Neat little set which were together at the time of our purchase. USMC Good Conduct Medal with the number No.40856 stamped on the edge. The Victory Medal is interesting as it shows a Navy pattern bar bearing the word OVERSEAS, just below the bar is a tiny Maltese Cross.

According to the US Naval Awards Manual 1948, 1953, "A bronze Maltese cross, 3/16-inch in diameter, was to be placed on the service ribbon of those officers and men of the Marine Corps and Medical Corps, United States Navy, who were attached to the American Expeditionary Forces in France any time between 6 April 1917, and 11 November 1918, and who are not entitled to any battle clasp provided for by General Order No. 83, War Department, 30 June 1919." Further information provided there, gives the number of OVERSEAS clasps awarded as 7,500. Thanks to our Pal Jim B. for winkling out this interesting bit of information.

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