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US Post WWI, Tiffany & Company, 1930 Gold Star Mothers, Battlefield Pilgrimage Medal

Price:  $150.00
Item #41898

Original era manufacture. A fine quality bronze medallion produced by Tiffany & Company, struck to honor the 1930 Gold Star Moters and Widows, pilgrimage to the WWI battlefields of France.

The planchet measures 37 mm in width, and is suspended by a 13 inch red-white-blue silk neck ribbon. The medal is marked on the edge, bronze, and serial numbered 4038.  

United States Steamship line provided the transport to France, for  thousands of Mothers and Widows of US Servicemen who lost their lives during WWI. This was done at the expense of the United States Government, as an act of recognition and thanks for their sacrifice.

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