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German WWII Document Lot, IR 72, Krimschild, EK II, Infantry Assault, Silver Wound Badge

Price:  $350.00
Item #42201

Original era manufacture. Set of four documents, awarded to the same German soldier, Obergefreiter Oskar Simon, who served with Infantry Regiment 72 during WWII.

The documents include Infantry Assault Badge 1-12-41, Iron Cross 2nd Class 9-10-41(signed by Generalleutnant Himer), Silver Wound Badge 30-8-43 and Krimschild 1-10-42. All the documents show normal wear and use, all have been folded, with some tearing of the margins.

Infantry regiment 72, formed part of the 46th Infantry Division during WWII, seeing service in Poland and France, spending the remainder of the war on the Eastern Front.

The division was stripped of it's banners and awards in early 1942, punished by Field Marshall von Reichenau, for the decisions of the 46th's commanding officer General Himer, and General von Sponeck, who ordered the division to withdraw in the face of an assault by two Soviet Armies, in spite of orders to stand fast.

Himer and von Sponeck were relieved of command, however the banners and honors were restored later to the 46th by Field Marshall von Bock.

The 46th served with distinction throughout the remainder of WWI, surrendering to the Russians in Czechoslovakia in May of 1945. General Count Hans von Sponeck, was executed for his part in the July 1944 attempt on Hitler's life.     

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