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German WWII Iron Cross 1st Class Cased, Lots of Patina

Price:  $325.00
Item #37341

Original era manufacture. This cased EK1 is how it came to us, what appears to be an unmarked Zimmerman cross, residing in a later war, Deumer marked case.

The cross itself has a magnetic core, with a great, original patina finish to the ribbing, frame and reverse. At some point in its life, the two horizontal arms of the cross were bent back a bit by hand, in an attempt to create a convex shape, and the black finish on the swastika was removed to make it more visible in wear. This looks to have been done with perhaps a nail file, and now exhibits scattered spots of corrosion from age and wear.

The case is made with a metal hinge or lock button, but the white cloth hinge material is intact. Deumer name on the lower left corner of the top pad, and in the upper edge of the top pad is a person's name, Manfred Gunther.  One of those relics we wish could talk. 

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