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German, Franco Prussian War, Bavarian 3 Place Medal Bar, Battles of Beaugency-Cravant

Price:  $275.00
Item #41030

Original era manufacture. An interesting three place medal bar, which represents the service of a Bavarian soldier in two of the three wars of German Unification, The Bruderkrieg of 1866, and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. 

The first is the 1870-71 Campaign medal with clasp for Beaugency-Cravant, this is a less common clasp awarded for a series of relatively small battles which were fought in the dead of winter, December 8-10, 1870. During these actions, the Bavarian units suffered the loss of nearly 2300 men, killed or wounded.

1870 Campaign Medal with the brass planchet displaying the lettered edge, stating it being made of captured cannon. The center medal is the Bavarian cross for the 1866 War with Prussia, and the third the 1895 Hohenzollern Centennial Medal.

Fraying to the edges of the ribbon, otherwise quite sound.

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