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British 1882 Egypt Campaign Khedive Star, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

Price:  $225.00
Item #33879

Original era manufacture. Medal awarded by the Khedive to the British Troops who served in Egypt in 1882 putting down the rebellion led by Pasha Arabi. Privately engraved on it's reverse, 1502 J.E.. Research shows this medal was awarded to Bugler John Euston 1502, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, who also recieved the Egypt Campaign Medal with clasp for Tel El-Kebir.

These are awards are not included, however copies of the medal rolls showing Bugler Euston's entitlement to these awards is provided. The medal displays traces of its original darkened finish and comes with a decent length of replacement ribbon.  

The Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry, was one of the first British Infantry regiments to arrive in Egypt to help quell the insurrection, traveling from Gibraltar, to Malta, then to Alexandria, arriving in Egypt on 24 July 1882. During the battle at Kassassin 28 August, the suffered the loss of 4 officers and 14 men wounded. At Tel El Kebir, 13 September 1882, 1 officer and 5 men were wounded.  

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