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US WWII Soldier Modified Fighting Knife, M1905 Bayonet

Price:  $145.00
Item #44181

Original era manufacture. A US M1905 bayonet which has been modified into a fighting knife, by shortening the blade, removing the muzzle ring from the guard, and discarding the lock mechanism.

The 9 inch spear-point blade, is now double edged, with a dark metal finish. Traces of the US Ordnance Bomb remain on the ricasso. Matching metal finish to the guard and pommel, with a pleasing wood finish to the original grips.

Handmade leather sheath of riveted and sewn construction, with a M1910 belt hook at the top. The pommel securing strap is present, however the female portion of the snap button is missing.

Overall, a very nicely executed GI modified fighting knife.   

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