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US Late 19th, Early 20th Century Dental Tool Lot, 21 Pieces

Price:  $250.00
Item #36522

Original era manufacture. Purchased from the same estate as our microscope and surgeons tools, are these 21 pieces of dental extractors. I cannot speak with any authority regarding their use, but they certainly present a formidable appearance. In fact, while set up at a local antique gun show, we had these on display. Without a doubt, these old tools were the true sensations on our table. More comments were made about them then anything else displayed there, I suppose we all can relate.

They are steel, with a chromed finish, some are marked, others are not. A few of the markings visible are C.Truax of Greene & Co, H.G.&M.I. Co, and what looks like Bagwell Hazard, WFFCD NY.

Normal age and wear. Sold as a lot.    

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