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Japanese WWII Type 30 Bayonet, Matsushita Kinzoku, Arrow M Proof, Single Loop Frog

Price:  $165.00
Item #40689

Original period manufacture. A very clean example, with a blue finished blade, hooked guard, contoured wooden grips, and a flat, bird-head pommel.

The blade is very clean, showing a nice mix of blue finish and steel patina, clear markings on the ricasso. Matt blue finish to the guard and pommel with a light dusting of surface corrosion.

Original finish wood grips, displaying typical marring and denting to the surface. A previous owner, Japanese, or GI, lightly scratched an X into each grip panel  to serve as an identifier for ownership.

The blue steel scabbard retains most of its original finish, with a single shallow "bump" on the reverse, and a scattering of light surface corrosion.

Very sound, single loop pigskin frog with an intact securing strap and buckle.   

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