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Japanese WWII Replica Complete Soldier Set

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $550.00
Item #4273

We are pleased to be able to offer a complete Japanese Army Privates replica uniform & equipment set at a special price. The price will include the following:

Steel Helmet with Net. Enlisted Field Cap with Neck Flap. Tropical Tunic & Trousers Puttees Hobnail Boots T-38 or T-99 Riflemans Belt Set Haversack Canteen Harness

Shovel & handle (not pictured)

This represents an additional discount from the current sale prices. These sets will be offered as long as we have the individual components in stock. There will be no back-order or substitutions considered. Size selection will be offered as long as that size is available. Again no back-order on sizing.

We have enlisted the aid of Sanjuro, our store display manniquin, to model this set for your inspection. Everything that you see on him is what you will receive with five exceptions; no glasses, bayonet, rifle, canteen body or Sanjuro will be included.

Collectors note, the original T-38 rifle is from our own collection and it was purchased directly from the 1st Marine Division veteran who picked it up on Okinawa. The rope sling is as he found it.

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