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Japanese WWII Navy Enlisted Donald Duck Hat

Price:  $225.00
Item #41465

Original era manufacture. Issue quality IJN enlisted hat in dark blue navy wool with it's white cotton issue tag sewn into the black cotton lining. Standard cap tally of embroidered golden cotton characters on a black silk ribbon, with a small embroidered anchor on each end.

There are about six, pin-hole size moth bites in the crown of the hat, the stiffening rim spring is present, and it has not rusted, or broken through the wool material.

The bottom edge of the hat displays significant attention by our friends the moths, however the good news is that most of this can be made to blend nicely with an application of dark blue or black magic marker for display.

The hat displays well, is not crushed or broken, and the issue tag bears several kanji characters to help in ID'ing the sailor and unit.

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