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Japanese WWII Army Officers Katana, Morotai Campaign Capture, Lt. Col. F.J.Sackton USA.

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $1295.00
Item #16385

Original era manufacture. Typical IJA officers sword of the era, with a very nice exterior and a near perfect company grade officers sword knot installed on the pommel loop. The blade however is another story. It has not been foolishly sharpened or scarred in backyard sword fights, but does show scattered pitting and staining from age and neglect. In spite of that fact, the historical attribution and provenance of the weapon is simply outstanding.

This particular sword was a recent purchase by Stewarts Military Antiques, from a longtime friend and brother officer of Lieutenant General F.J.Sackton, the officer who returned from the Pacific in 1945 with this sword. According to our friend, a WWII Pacific veteran himself, General Sackton obtained this sword on the Island of Morotai during offensive operations of the US 136th Infantry Regiment in September of 1944. During this operation (then Lt.Col.)Sackton served as the Regimental G2, and wrote an article which appeared in the July 1945 issue of the Infantry Journal, entitled "Hill 40".

Colonel Sackton went into great detail describing the combats of the 136th, and in one particular incident he writes "A Banzai attack was bearing down on the extreme right flank. The Japs were cut down in their tracks. The sword-waving officer in command charged to within ten yards of the position, but finally a BAR burst found its mark in his chest and he stopped as if he had hit a brick wall. Still upright, his last act was to throw his Samurai sword into the position". We will never know if this is the exact sword in that particular combat, but it certainly is the one obtained on the Island of Morotai by Lt.Col.Sackton in September of 1944. General Sackton passed away in February of this year and our friend was the recipient of all of the General's military effects prior to his passing.

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