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German WWI Bavarian Buckle, Leipzig Maker, 1914

Price:  $125.00
Item #38073

Original era manufacture. This is an unusual Bavarian buckle with a Leipzig makers name and 1914 date. I have owned this buckle for many years, but do not have an explanation why a Bavarian center disc is on a Saxon maker marked body.

I suppose many scenarios can be considered, including a postwar collector/dealer marriage. However as Saxon buckles tend to be more difficult to find than Bavarian examples, an attempt at improving one's financial gain by the swapping out of the center disc doesn't make sense. Further, Saxon buckles are often seen with regimental markings stamped into their sides, not always, but often.

The buckle has a wonderful old patina, with old solder on the reverse, and a minor dent in the crown.  One of those curiosities we come across in collecting which doesn't fit into the convenient, "always" and "never" categories.


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