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German WWI Era Bavarian Police Officials Pickelhaube, 282nd Combat Eng. Souvenir Lot

Price:  $425.00
Item #39981

Original era manufacture. Ok, so some assembly is required here, just like at Christmas time, when putting together the toys for the kids.

The good news is that most of the parts are here, and that all of the parts are in relatively sound condition; the leather is not dry and brittle, and the brass components are mostly intact.

What is missing is the Bavarian blue/white cockade which was pinned through the body of the helmet on the right side, and a few sections of the scale chinstrap are gone. What needs to be done is to re-stitch both visors, push the top up a bit to straighten out the spike and re-assemble the chinstrap...voila! a fairly respectable example of a Bavarian helmet.

One of the souvenirs brought home from WWII by a US Army officer who served with the 282nd Combat Engineers.


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