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US WWII Navy Airship Pilot Grouping

Price:  $295.00
Item #43318

Original era manufacture.  An interesting lot from a local estate, honoring the service of a US Navy officer who served with Lighter-Than-Air squadrons on the East Coast of the USA during the war.

The lot includes his boxed Victory Medal, American Campaign medals, Balfour marked Navy Pilot wings, Bullion wire Navy Pilot wings, two piece, metal hat insignia and cap band, and other assorted insignia.

There are two framed black and white photographs of the officer and crewmen, a 1943 copy of Naval Aviation, by the US Naval Institute, and a copy of his separation paperwork, showing his service with ZP 12 Lakehurst, ZP 11 S. Weymouth Mass, and office of Research & Invention Special Devices in Washington.  

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