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Japanese WWII, Imperial Navy, Officers Blue Wool Uniform Set

Price:  $595.00
Item #43138

Original era manufacture.  A blue wool service tunic, with hook & eye closure down the front, trimmed in black mohair wool. Ensign collar rank on the collar, black cotton lining, with a diamond shaped, white cotton name tag, translated to Okazaki, Yoshio. The tunic is very clean with no moth issues.

Blue wool straight leg trousers of a better quality wool than the tunic, with Japanese style belt loops set low on the waistband. Black hard rubber fly and suspender buttons, with some moth damage at the base of the fly. The largest hole measures 7 x 15 mm. with several other smaller ones close by. However, being that the trousers are of a very dark blue color the mothing is difficult to see, otherwise, the trousers are very clean.

The blue wool topped officer pattern visor cap, features a very nice quality heavy bullion wire insignia at the front. Black patent leather chinstrap and visor, with a bound edge.

No moth issues to the top of the hat, black wool mohair cap band, with an anchor & cherry blossom decorated chinstrap button on each side. Maroon silk lining with two hand stitched kanji in white cotton. Oilcloth sweatband which shows cracking and a chip in the upper edge, it is still securely sewn to the body of the cap.

The hat overall is sound, just a little out of shape from poor storage over the years.


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