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British Enameled Crown Coin Brooch, George III, 1760-1820

Price:  $145.00
Item #43907

Original era manufacture. I've seen these described as "Love Tokens" , certainly a nice present for one's sweetheart.

Silver "Crown", measuring 33 mm in width, with a beautifully enameled obverse, of Saint George slaying a dragoon. The reverse displays very little detail now, with just traces of the profile of King George. There is a wide silver band to which the coin is affixed around the edge, with a period horizontal attaching bar and catch.

Small amount of chipping to the enameling, otherwise normal handling and wear, with a pleasing silver patina to the coin.

The coin itself, likely dates no later than 1820, as George III reigned from 1760, until his death in that year. His last years, suffering with mental illness, to such an extant, that the country was ruled by his son George, Prince of Wales, as regent. 

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