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US 19th Century Fire Helmet, Miami Arizona, 1897 Dated

Price:  $895.00
Item #36798

Original era manufacture. Offered for your consideration, is this wonderful old eagle headed, aluminum fire helmet, with its painted leather badge, for the Miami Arizona Fire Department.

Old hand applied dark red paint on the all aluminum body, with a brass eagles head at front. Multi piece construction leather front plate, again with a hand painted finish. The lining is long gone, but in the center of the interior of the helmet is the makers tag, the surface rust finish makes it difficult to read, but it is clearly dated 1897.

We have owned this helmet since the late 1970's purchasing it at one of the old Girard High School gunshows held there for many years. How many gunshows are held at high schools today? The times, and America have certainly changed, and not all for the better.

The surface of the paint shows some small scattered areas of paint loss, and the front plate is loose, just needs to have some attaching pins installed, the result of me knocking it off of a shelf while moving some other items one day. Other collection purchases need to be financed, hence it's sale, we've never been Fire Department collectors, but have always admired Arizona Territorial items.  Its a great old helmet and has been in our possession for nearly 40 years.  

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