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Soviet Cold War Era Enlisted Pilotka, Rock & Roll Hootchy-Koo

Price:  $65.00
Item #39862

Original era manufacture. This is a really interesting hat, one we purchased during the flood of post Soviet era Russian militaria that came into the US in the early 90's.

Just a standard issue Red Army enlisted Pilotka, which we added a WWII era enameled star too, as we had it on our Russian soldier display mannequin in our store years ago.

What sets it apart, is that it must have been worn by a young soldier,  evidently quite taken with Western Rock music, as he wrote the names of several popular music groups on the inside of the turn-up, The Who, Queen, Deep Purple, AC/DC, the names are invisible when the flap is in proper position.

This hat formed part of a large purchase of used Soviet army uniforms and hats purchased by us back in the day. We discovered the inked inscriptions when we where laundering this pile of smelly old uniforms. Pretty cool, just goes to prove the Iron Curtain had some big holes in it, music is an international language.


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