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Japanese WWII, White Cotton, Imperial Navy Issue Uniform

Price:  $795.00
Item #43122

Original era manufacture. Blue wool topped, sailors hat with an original Navy issue tag in the black cotton lining. Gold on black, embroidered cap tally, removable white cotton cap cover with handwritten kanji near the tie strings. There is some staining to the white cotton cover, no moth damage to the hat itself, and good news...the original elasticized cotton chinstrap is intact and not stretched out of shape.

White cotton enlisted jumper with an attached blue flap, which has a Navy issue tag machine sewn to the underside. A Second Class Mechanic's rate is included, but needs to be sewn to the sleeve. Scattered light staining to the body of the jumper.

Black cotton issue tie, with a Navy tag machine sewn to one side. The tie measures 34 inches in length.

Included with the set at the time of our purchase, is a pair of white linen, straight leg trousers. There are belt loops on the waistband, and bone securing buttons throughout. There is a small white cotton tag on the inside of the waistband with hand written kanji. No doubt private purchase, regardless they make a nice match for display until a pair of issue trousers can be found.

A nice looking set which makes a terrific display.   


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