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German WWII Railway Hat Insignia Lot, 11th Armored Veteran Bringback

Price:  $115.00
Item #43602

Original era manufacture. This item was brought home from WWII by PFC R.D. Reynolds, who served with the 11th Armored Division in Europe.

The 11th Armored Division (Thunderbolt) landed in France in December 1944, and was rushed east to contend with the German offensive in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. In early 1945 they crossed the Rhine at Oppenheim, continued through southern Germany, and ended the war on the outskirts of Linz Austria where the tanks of the 11th AD met up with the advancing Red Army.

During the European operations, the 11th Armored suffered the loss of 2, 877 casualties, killed, wounded and missing.   

This is an interesting lot, all likely removed from the sale Reichsbahn visor hat by our 11th Armored Division Veteran. The lot consists of a wide, railway pattern winged wheel emblem in stamped zinc, a matching material cap eagle, and a blue/yellow striped cap cord with gilt buttons.

Both the eagle and wreath are missing some of the prongs on their reverse, lost when ripped from the body of the hat, and one end of the cap cord is likewise torn, done when quickly torn away. Funny that he took the time to keep the side buttons... 

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