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German WWII Army Medical Officers Visor Hat, Pekuro Mfg

Price:  $475.00
Item #31213

Original period manufacture. A nice quality hat of mid to later war construction, made without a sweat diamond with the Pekuro logo simply painted onto the lining.

Wide real leather sweatband with the original owners initials, A.W.A, done in a pierced design with an obliterated retailers name next to them. There is a black velvet cushion between the sweatband and body interior and red grease pencil marks beneath the band on the inside right of the hat.

The exterior of the hat is of a finely ribbed feldgrau wool with a dark green wool band and cornflower blue wool piping. Bright aluminum eagle and wreath with an officers quality silver wire chinstrap adorn the front of the hat.

There is some scattered mothing to the pipiing and top front edge of the hat, but overall the hat presents itself very well and is not crushed or damaged.   

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