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British Victorian Era, General Officers Forage Cap, London Maker

Price:  $595.00
Item #43312

Original era manufacture. A blue wool bodied forage cap, circa 1881-1894, with a wide gold brocade cap band, with a woven oak leaf design, as worn by General officers and I believe members of the staff.

There is a faded outline on band at the front of the cap showing the crossed sword and baton of General rank. Gold wire embroidered button and floral decoration on the top. Thick, gold wire covered visor trim over the black patent leather.

Quilted maroon silk lining with a very nice London makers label in thin leather with gilt lettering and design. There is some fraying to the lining in the rear portion of the cap. Wide tan leather sweatband, with sound stitching, and maroon colored silk stitching.  

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