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German WWII Original Oil Painting Signals Gefreiter

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $250.00
Item #11559

Original era manufacture. Handsome, large format oil of an elderly reservist of a Signals Unit. The original frame measures 23x27 inches with the painting itself measuring 19x23 inches. The subject matter shows a relaxed soldier enjoying his pipe. The painting is not dated or signed that we can see but perhaps is so behind the frame edge. Several small puncture repairs may be seen on the reverse side but overall it is quite pleasing to the eye and would make a nice centerpiece to an Army display. Frame shows wear to the edges with chipping to the plaster finish. Neat painting, we have nicknamed him Sgt Schultz while he lives with us.

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