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German WWII Officers Heavy Leather Fieldcoat

Price:  $495.00
Item #44368

Original era manufacture. Dark gray leather fieldcoat, double breasted, with buttons for shoulder straps and faux French cuffs on each sleeve, half belt in the back.

This is a massive garment, often seen in wear by senior officers in the field during WWII. There is a zippered map pocket on the inside right side of the coat tail, and two leather straps intended two wrap around the wearer's legs to keep the coat from billowing open.

Overall the coat is quite sound for its age, there is some surface dryness, and the lower edge displays  some minor water staining. All of the buttons appear to be present, each secured by a wire or snap ring, with a reinforced metal grommet around the shank hole in the coat.

Many leather overcoats of the era are passed off as military, perhaps some are, this particular example is, in my opinion a military coat, with the shoulder strap buttons, extra grommets around the button shanks, color and general look to it.

The coat is about a size 40 regular, and is quite long, being nearly floor-length. A fantastic display piece for a senior officer field impression.

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