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German WWII M1933 SA EM Dagger, Partial Ground Rohm

This item is listed for historical interest only. It was listed on our site previously but has been sold and is no longer available for purchase.
Sold for: $850.00
Item #27453

Original era manufacture. One of the souvenirs brought home by Cpl Roy Altenbach, Ordnance Section, US Army at the end of WWII. Early pattern dagger with nickel fittings, and, at one time, a browned and varnished scabbard. The blade is bright but shows scattered areas of cleaned pitting, the motto remains distinct as does the partial Rohm inscription on the blades reverse. When the portion of the inscription which bore Rohm's name was removed after his execution the makers logo also was removed. There are some scattered nicks in the cutting edge but the tip remains sharp. Nice color to the wooden grip with both emblems in place. There is a small chip on the obverse just below the upper guard and a larger chip on the reverse. The scabbard retains its leather hanger but the leather is a bit dry and tearing. All of the scabbard screws are intact and the ball tip is only lightly pitted. At some point in the dagger's life Corporal Altenbach decided to give the body a do-over. A fairly good color match was done using a metallic brown paint, but if you look closely you can see areas of cleaned pitting beneath. All in all, this old dagger has it's share of warts, but remains a true veteran brought-back dagger, one with a history to one of the better known Nazi scoundrels.

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