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German WWII, K98 Bayonet, Maschinenhaus Ferlach, OMC 40

Price:  $225.00
Item #44090

Original era manufacture. Standard issue Wehrmacht bayonet used on all fronts during WWII.

The bayonet is mismatched blade to scabbard, however the maker marking is unusual being produced by Maschinenhaus Ferlach in Austria, OMC proof, with a 40 date on the spine.

The blade is clean, with a nice mix of blue and steel patina finish, the point remains sharp. Steel patina finish to the guard and pommel, with a waffenamt code WaA75 appearing on the pommel.

Dark plum bakelite grips in sound condition, no cracks or chips. The top of the flashguard is a bit battered, displaying scattered denting.

Nice blue steel scabbard with most of the blue finish remaining, shallow crease on the top side. Sound black leather frog, with an oiled finish. The stitching is tight, all rivets are present and the pommel strap is intact

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