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German WWII Black Leather P-08 Holster, Norwegian Modified

Price:  $95.00
Item #42069

Original era manufacture. A sound, black leather P-08 Luger holster with its external spare magazine pouch present, and under the flap cover, the loading tool pouch and leather pull strap.

On the reverse, the belt loops have been removed and a black leather tab secured with four aluminum rivets, has been installed to hold the M1910 belt hook in place. This leather tab, while doing a great job with the belt hook, has been placed directly over the WWII German proof marks.

At the end of WWII, thousands of P-08 Lugers were left behind in Norway when the Germans surrendered. The holsters were modified by the Norwegian Government to allow them to be worn on US manufactured pistol belts.

In spite of the alteration, these pattern holsters are a legitimate variation, as used by another government to arm its soldiers and police for service use.

The leather is sound, the holster is not crushed or heavily oiled, only displaying typical age and wear.    

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